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Flexible Hose Connector, Reinforced Rubber
  • NBR (nitrile) inner core
  • Polyester braid
  • SBR cover
  • For burning gases
  • 10 bar (150 PSI) working pressure

Application: Flexible hose connector for fume cupboard valves and outlets.  Reinforced synthetic rubber construction.

Media: For use with burning gases, including natural gas, propane and bottled gas.

Construction: Inner core is smooth NBR (nitrile/BUNA-N).  Braided polyester reinforcement and orange SBR outer cover.

End Connections: End fittings are brass or stainless steel, as ordered.  Fittings are permanently attached to hose with crimped connection.  Fittings
swivel for ease of installation and to prevent binding.

Dimensions: Inside diameter is 6.0mm (.236”), outside diameter is 13.3mm (.524”) and wall thickness is 3.5mm (.137”).  Length as ordered.

Pressure Rating: 60 bar (900 PSI) burst pressure.  Maximum working pressure is 10 bar (150 PSI).

Temperature Rating: Maximum working temperature is 80° C (175° F).

Minimum Bend Radius: __mm (__”).

Quality Assurance: Hose connector is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.

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