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  • BT2870-141WSA


Double Fine Control Needle Valve, Wall/Panel Mounted

Application: Precise flow regulation of laboratory gases. Ideal for special gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, helium and hydrogen. Valve is specially cleaned, lubricated and packaged for use with high purity gases.

Finish: Furnished with white powder coated finish as standard. Other colors and finishes available as options (see below).

Mounting: Wye fitting with two outlets and removable locator pins.

Valve Bodies: Straight pattern forged brass.

Headworks: Floating tapered stainless steel needles and replaceable stainless steel seats. Valves are capable of delivering one bubble of nitrogen gas at a time.

Handles: Molded nylon hooded style handles with index discs. Handles and indexes are color coded and marked per EN 13792.

Inlet: Furnished with mounting shank, locknut and washer. G1/2 male inlet.

Outlet: G3/8 female outlet with removable serrated hose end.

Quality Assurance: Fitting is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment. 25 bar (375 PSI) nitrogen test pressure, 17 bar (250 PSI) maximum working pressure.

Optional Features

Finish Options:

  • Gray powder coated finish (GRY)
  • Polished chrome plated finish with clear epoxy coating (PCL)
  • Satin chrome plated finish with clear epoxy coating (SCC)
  • Satin nickel plated finish with clear epoxy coating (SNC)

FlowStop/Filter Options:

  • FlowStop volume control and shut-off valve installed in turret base (use prefix “BTFS”)
  • Removable filter to remove debris and impurities from media flow (use prefix “BTFL”)

Valve Options:

  • Integral check valve to prevent backflow (add suffix “CV”)

Outlet Options:

  • Angle serrated hose end in place of straight hose end (order BT2872)
  • Quick connect fitting in place of hose end (order BT2873)
  • 8mm OD compression fitting in place of hose end (order BT2874)