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  • BT739


Fume Cupboard Valve, Angle Face

Application: Panel mounted valve for installation on 45 degree angle face of cupboard. All working components of valve are accessible from front exterior face of cupboard.

Finish: Furnished with white powder coated finish as standard. Other colors and finishes available as options (see below).

Mounting: Valve is installed from behind panel and is secured with external locking ring and escutcheon on front of cupboard. Maximum panel thickness is 3mm (1/8″). Specify left hand (L) or right hand (R) mounting when ordering.

Valve Body: Forged brass.

Handle: Molded nylon hooded style handle with index disc. Handle and index are color coded and marked per EN 13792.

Inlet/Outlet: G3/8 female inlet and outlet.

Quality Assurance: Valve is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.



  • BT739LW/RW Water valve construction with compression valve cartridge
  • BTC739LW/RW Water valve construction with ceramic disc cartridge

Laboratory Gases:

  • BT739LFCN/RFCN Fine control needle valve construction (cleaned, lubricated and packaged for high purity gas service)
  • BT739LN/RN Needle valve construction

Burning Gases:

  • BT739LG/RG Push/turn gas valve construction
  • BT739LGI/RGI Push/turn gas valve construction with pop-up indicator buttons


  • BT739LS/RS Steam valve construction

Pure Water:

  • BT739LWTL/RWTL Tin-lined water valve construction with compression valve cartridge