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  • EW1011


Drench Hose Unit, Retrofit Kit

Application: Retrofit existing safety stations and wall mounted or pedestal mounted eye and eye/face washes with auxiliary drench hose. Ideal for rinsing eyes, face, and body. Note: ANSI Z358.1-2014 states drench hose units supplement, but do not replace, other types of emergency equipment.

Spray Head Assembly: Single FS-Plus™ spray head with ‘flip top’ dust cover, internal flow control and filter to remove impurities from water flow.

Valve: Forged brass squeeze valve activated by stainless steel lever handle. Valve has replaceable stainless steel seat for exceptional durability. Valve closes when lever handle is released.

Hose: 8′ reinforced PVC hose with 300 PSI maximum working pressure.

Mounting: Wall mount with included steel bracket or pipe mount with included 1-1/4” IPS pipe U-bolts.

Supply: 1/2″ IPS chrome plated brass tee and 1-1/4″ x 1/2″ NPT reducing tee included. Connections also include close nipples to facilitate retrofit installation.

Sign: ANSI-compliant identification sign.

Quality Assurance: Assembled and water tested prior to shipment.

Available Options

  • FSH 8 ft. flexible stainless steel hose (replaces PVC hose).
  • LC Locking clip for valve handle. Valve stays open until locking clip is released.
  • VB In-line vacuum breaker for installation between valve and spray head.