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  • L739


Panel Mounted Valve, Angle Face Fume Hood

Application: Panel mounted valve for installation on angle face of hood. Valve is installed from behind panel and is secured with external locking ring and escutcheon on front of hood. All working components of valve are accessible from front exterior face of hood. Specify left hand or right hand mounting when ordering.

Valve Body: Forged brass.

Handle: Forged brass four-arm handle with color-coded index disc.

Inlet / Outlet: 3/8″ NPT female inlet and outlet.

Quality Assurance: Valve is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.


L739LFCN / L739RFCN Fine control needle valve construction.

L739LN / L739RN Needle valve construction.

L739LS / L739RS Steam valve construction.L739LW / L739RW Water valve construction.

L739LWTL / L739RWTL Tin-lined water valve construction for pure water.