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QCBL Series Quick Connect Bodies

//QCBL Series Quick Connect Bodies
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QCBL Series Quick Connect Bodies

Quick Connect Bodies

WaterSaver keyed quick connect fittings are designed specifically for laboratory applications.  They are designed to provide maximum performance and durability for the life of the lab.

Features of WaterSaver keyed quick connect bodies include the following:

  • Quick connect bodies are available in either polished chrome plated brass or Type 316 stainless steel.
  • Bodies have an internal shut-off valve that closes when the plug is disengaged.  Internal valve components are stainless steel to assure compatibility with the service and to assure durable performance.
  • Quick connects are certified by CSA International for use with natural gas.
  • The quick connect keying system is based upon the inner and outer diameters of the sleeves on the body and plug.  Therefore, quick connect plugs can be assembled only into the correct body.  There is no possibility of inadvertently mixing services.
  • Quick connect bodies and plugs are color coded to designate the service and to facilitate matching the correct body and plug.
  • Quick connect bodies are furnished with an internal locking feature.  When used with a locking plug, the plug can be installed in a fixed orientation.  When used with a non-locking plug, the plug may be installed in any orientation and will rotate in the body.
  • Quick connect bodies are designed to be installed on piping systems, gas manifold systems or directly to valves or instrumentation.  Bodies are available with a choice of inlet connections to facilitate installation.