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  • SSBF2452
  • Daylight-Open


Recessed Safety Station with Exposed Shower Head, Cleanroom Construction

Note: Unit shown with optional AP280-235 electric light and alarm horn unit.

Application: Recessed barrier-free eye/face wash and shower safety station for use in cleanrooms.  SSBF2452 is constructed in Type 304 stainless steel and meets cleanroom requirements, making it ideal for use in semiconductor, electronics and pharmaceutical applications. SSBF2552 has similar construction except with Type 316 stainless steel. Unit has ceiling mounted exposed shower head and drain pan.  Stainless steel cover provides attractive appearance and protects unit when not in use.  When activated, cover serves as pan to collect waste water and return it into unit for drainage.  Rather than connecting to building drainage system, unit has 1-1/2″ OD drain connection on front of unit for waste water.  Front drain provides for less costly installation while facilitating regular testing of unit.

Cleanroom Construction: Unit is completely sealed and airtight.  Covers conceal all openings on front of unit.  Supply nipples on inlet and outlet of shower valve are sealed with grommets.  All seams in cabinet are fully welded and polished.

ADA Compliance: When installed at recommended mounting heights, unit complies with ADA requirements for accessibility by handicapped persons.

Shower Head: 10″ diameter stainless steel.

Shower Valve: 1″ IPS brass stay-open ball valve with stainless steel “panic bar” actuator.

Cover/Drain Pan: 16 gauge stainless steel combination cover and drain pan.  Grasping “panic bar” handle and opening cover pulls spray head assembly down from vertical to horizontal position, activating water flow.  While unit is in operation, waste water is collected in drain pan and returned into cabinet for drainage.  Unit remains in operation until cover is returned to closed position.

Eye/Face Wash Spray Head Assembly: Two FS-Plus™ spray heads mounted on supply arms.  Each spray head has individually adjustable flow control and filter to remove impurities from water.

Eye/Face Wash Valve: 1″ IPS brass plug-type valve with O-ring seals.  Furnished with in-line strainer to protect valve from debris and foreign matter.

Mounting: Type 304 stainless steel (SSBF2452) or Type 316 stainless steel (SSBF2552) cabinet with flanged rim for recessed mounting in wall.  Unit fits in standard 3-5/8″ deep wall.

Pipe and Fittings: Exposed pipe and escutcheon are brushed stainless steel.

Supply: 1″ NPT female inlet.

Waste: 1-1/2″ OD tailpiece on front of unit with hinged stainless steel cover.

Sign: Furnished with ANSI-compliant identification sign.

Quality Assurance: Unit is completely assembled and water tested prior to shipment.

U.S. Patent 5,768,721

Available Options

  • AP250-064 Test Kit
  • AP250-065 Modesty Curtain
  • AP280-235 Electric Light and Alarm Horn
  • TMV AP3800 Thermostatic Mixing Valve.