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  • VR5300


Combination Cold Water/Gas Fixture

Application: Vandal-resistant double service fixture for cold water and gas. All-forged brass construction for superior strength and durability. Furnished with WaterSaver self-contained compression valve unit with stainless steel valve seat. Two laboratory ball valves for gas service.

Vandal-resistant features:

  • Dual inlet shanks prevent turning fixture on counter.
  • Inlet shanks are machined from solid brass bar stock or heavy wall steel pipe to resist breakage.
  • Laboratory ball valves (except where used for vacuum service) have internal check valves to prevent backflow into gas system.
  • Index discs are cemented in place.
  • Fixture riser is 1/2” IPS heavy wall pipe to resist bending and breakage.
  • Hooded nylon handle conceals water valve stem and packing nut. Nut has set screw to prevent removal.
  • Round serrated hose end is secured with set screw to prevent removal.
  • All threaded connections are secured with cement.

Additional Model

  • VR5300-110WSA Same as above except with in–line vacuum breaker on water outlet.

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Water, Gas, Multiple


Deck / Bench


Serrated Hose End




Four-Arm, Lever