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  • CTPR1020


Pre-Rinse Unit, Deck Mounted

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Application: Deck mounted pre-rinse spray unit. Unit may be connected directly to cold or tempered water supply or used with a foot-operated valve (see page 22).

Spray Head: Brass spray-type outlet head with rubber collar.

Valve: Forged brass self-closing squeeze valve with insulated handle.

Hose: 8 ft. reinforced PVC hose. 300 PSI maximum rated working pressure.

Mounting: Nylon deck flange for countertop mounting.

Inlet: 3/8″ NPT male swivel-type inlet.

Quality Assurance: Pre-rinse unit is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.

Additional Model

  • PR1020FSH Same as above except with 8 ft. stainless steel hose.

Options for Pre-Rinse Units:

  • Handles. 4″ wrist blade handles in place of four-arm handles (add suffix “BH”).
  • Vacuum Breaker. L110 in-line vacuum breaker installed on valve outlet (add suffix “110”).