WaterSaver offers two styles of goosenecks for ColorTech BT water fittings. Rigid goosenecks thread directly into the top of the tap body. The gooseneck is thus absolutely rigid. Convertible rigid/swing goosenecks have a union-style construction with union nut and two O-rings. Goosenecks can be set as either rigid or swing in the field.

All goosenecks and spouts are fabricated of heavy wall brass tubing with a minimum wall thickness of .085″ (2.2mm). Goosenecks and spouts will therefore resist bending and stand up to even the most demanding lab conditions. Goosenecks and spouts have a separate outlet coupling with a G3/8 thread soldered to the end of the tube for attachment of serrated hose ends, aerators and other outlet fittings.

Rigid Goosenecks

Spread Height Clearance
BTRG4 4″ (102mm) 7 3/4″
BTRG6 6″ (152mm)
BTRG8 8″ (203mm)
BTRG9 9″ (229mm)
BTRG10 10″ (254mm)
BTRG12 12″ (305mm)

Swing Goosenecks

Rigid/Swing Goosenecks Spread Height Clearance
BTRS4 4″ (102mm) 8 1/4″
5 5/8″
BTRS6 6″ (152mm)
BTRS8 8″ (203mm)
BTRS9 9″ (229mm)
BTRS10 10″ (254mm)
BTRS12 12″ (305mm)

Rigid/Swing Goosenecks

Spouts Spread Height Clearance
BTRSW6 6″ (152mm) 4-3/8″ (111mm) 1-1/2″ (38mm)
BTRSW9 9″ (229mm) 5-1/8″ (130mm) 2-1/4″ (57mm)
BTRSW12 12″ (305mm) 5-7/8″ (149mm) 3″ (76mm)