WaterSaver gooseneck water fittings are available with a choice of two types of gooseneck construction. Each type of construction has its own advantages; lab designers and users can thus choose the type of gooseneck best suited to their particular application.

Goosenecks are fabricated of heavy wall brass tubing, with a minimum wall thickness of .085″ (2.2mm). Goosenecks will therefore resist bending and stand up to even the most demanding lab conditions.

Rigid Construction (RG Series)

  • Gooseneck is threaded directly into top of tap body.
  • Gooseneck is held absolutely rigid and cannot be turned. This type of construction is advantageous at cup sinks where the tap outlet should be directed over the sink at all times.
  • Taps may be ordered with gooseneck positioned as right hand, left hand or 180 degrees. If not specified, right hand position will be furnished.

Rigid/Swing Construction (RS Series)

  • Gooseneck has union-style construction with union nut and two O ring seals.
  • Taps with rigid/swing goosenecks may be installed in the field in either rigid or swing configuration. Two spacers are furnished with each gooseneck. For rigid construction, the brass spacer is installed. For swing construction, the nylon spacer is installed. Taps may be readily converted from rigid to swing and vice versa.
  • Union-style construction facilitates changing goosenecks in the field, should a different spread or height be desired. Simply loosen union nut, remove the gooseneck and install the replacement gooseneck.