Thermostatic Mixing Valve, 50 Gallon/189 Liter Capacity

Application: Thermostatic mixing valve to blend hot and cold water to deliver tepid water. Valve has flow capacity of 50 gallons (189 liters) per minute at 30 PSI (2.1 bar) pressure drop. Valve can be used to supply emergency shower or combination safety station. Depending on water supply size and pressure, valve can supply multiple units.

Mounting: Valve inlets can be positioned on top, back or bottom of valve. Outlet can be on top or bottom. Valve can be configured in the field for any mounting position. Furnished with heavy duty stainless steel mounting bracket.

Temperature Control: Valve has precision thermal actuator that senses incoming water temperature and automatically blends water to preset temperature. Valve is factory set to deliver 85°F (29°C) water. Temperature of tepid water can be adjusted as required and then locked. Furnished with dial temperature gauge as standard to monitor temperature of tepid water.

Cold Water Bypass: If the supply of hot water is restricted or interrupted, an internal bypass allows the valve to deliver cold water only. In bypass mode, the valve delivers 38 GPM (144 L/min) at 30 PSI (2.1 bar) pressure drop.

Hot Water Shutoff: Valve has internal PTFE valve seat. If the supply of cold water is interrupted, the valve will close completely and not deliver any water at all, eliminating any possibility of scalding.

Flow Capacity: Refer to table below for flow capacity of valve at specified pressure drops.

Checkstops/Filters: Each inlet has a lockable shutoff valve for maintenance, internal check valve to prevent backflow and stainless steel basket filter to remove debris from the water flow.

Construction: Valve meets the requirements of the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act as lead-free.

Inlet/Outlet: 1” NPT female inlets and 1-1/4” NPT female outlet as standard.

Quality Assurance: Valve is ASSE certified under ANSI/ASSE 1071. Valve is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.

Supply Pressure: Maximum incoming water pressure is 125 PSI (8.6 bar). Pressure of hot and cold water supplies can vary up to 25% and still deliver the flow and temperature required by ANSI/ASSE 1071.

Hot Water Supply Temperature: Incoming hot water temperature range is 120° – 180°F (49° – 82°C). WaterSaver recommends that the hot water temperature not exceed 140°F (60°C).

Cold Water Supply Temperature: Incoming cold water temperature range is 40° – 70°F (4° – 21°C). Cold water temperature must be at least 10°F (5.6°C) less than the temperature of the delivered tepid water.

Tepid Water Temperature: Temperature of tepid water is adjustable within a range of 65° – 95°F (18° – 35°C) and then locks in position. High temperature limit stop is set at 90°F (32°C) to prevent misadjustment.

  • TM6041-XXX TM6040 valve installed in surface mounted powder coated steel cabinet
  • TM6042-XXX TM6040 valve installed in surface mounted stainless steel cabinet
  • TM6043-XXX TM6040 valve installed in recess mounted powder coated steel cabinet
  • TM6044-XXX TM6040 valve installed in recess mounted stainless steel cabinet
  • Finish Chrome plated finish in place of raw brass (add suffix “CP”)
  • Inlet/Outlet Threads G1 female thread on inlets and G1-1/4 female thread on outlet (add suffix “G”)
  • Temperature Gauges Temperature gauges on hot and cold water inlets (add suffix “IT”)
  • Pressure Gauges Pressure gauges on hot and cold water inlets (add suffix “IP”)
  • Temperature/Pressure Gauges Temperature and pressure gauges on hot and cold water inlets (add suffix “ITP”)
Pressure Drop (PSI) 1 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
Flow Rate (GPM)
0.5 17 28 34 41 46 50 55 59
Bypass Flow Rate (GPM)
0.5 13 20 25 30 34 38 41 45
Pressure Drop (Bar) 0.1 0.3 0.7 1.0 1.4 1.7 2.1 2.4 2.8
Flow Rate (L/min) 2 64 106 129 155 174 189 208 223
Bypass Flow Rate (L/min) 2 49 76 95 114 129 144 155 170