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  • AP275-705


Combination Strobe Light and Alarm Horn With Weatherproof Switch Assembly with Remote Sensing

Application: Alarm units serve two important functions when installed in conjunction with emergency eyewash and shower equipment. First, alarms serve to alert facility personnel that an accident has occurred and that assistance to the user may be required. Second, alarms deter unintended or malicious operation of the emergency equipment. For this reason, they are advisable in schools and other areas where the possibility of vandalism is present. Alarms are activated by a flow switch that senses the movement of water in the supply line when the safety unit is activated. Once activated, the bright light flashes and the horn sounds loudly.  Strobe lights are ideal for areas of high ambient light and large spaces.

Installation: Unit is designed for use with combination safety stations, and can be mounted on either the vertical
pipe of the station or on a wall adjacent to the unit. 120 volt, 0.28 amp electrical supply is required.

Visual Signal: Weatherproof amber strobe light with shatter-resistant lens. Peak candle power of 1,400,000 and flash rate of 65 FPM.

Audible Signal: Weatherproof horn delivers distinctive, urgent signal. Volume is preset at 100 db at 10 feet. An adjustment screw on the front of horn allows adjustment of output sound level.

Flow Switch: 1-1/4″ IPS double pole, double throw waterproof flow switch for installation in water supply line to emergency unit. Switch senses flow of water when either the eyewash or shower is activated. Flow switch must be installed with tee fitting in horizontal position, flow switch body in vertical position and at least 6″ from closest fitting. Direction of flow is marked on switch body.

Mounting: Furnished complete with bracket for mounting on vertical pipe or wall, junction box and 5 foot flexible, NEMA 4X cord and receptacle. Electrical connection by others.

Quality Assurance: Unit is fully assembled, wired and factory tested prior to shipment.

Additional Model

  • AP275-700 Same as above except with single pole, double throw flow switch for activating local alarm only.