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  • BTVR1611WSA


Mixer Tap, Bench Mounted, Vandal-Resistant Construction

Application: Laboratory water mixer tap for hot and cold water. Tap has heavy duty construction to withstand bending, breakage and disassembly. All threaded connections are secured with cement.

Finish: Furnished with white powder coated finish as standard. Other colors and finishes available as options (see below).

Mounting: Bench or countertop mounted.

Body: Cast brass.

Headworks: WaterSaver self-contained compression valve cartridges with replaceable stainless steel seats. Packing nuts are secured with set screws to prevent removal.

Handles: Molded nylon hooded style handles with index discs. Handles and indexes are color coded and marked per EN 13792. Index discs are cemented in place.

Gooseneck: 6” (152mm) rigid gooseneck. Gooseneck riser is 1/2” IPS heavy wall pipe to resist bending and breakage.

Inlets: (2) G1/2 male inlets on 180mm center dimension. Furnished with mounting shanks, locknuts and washers.

Outlet: G3/8 female outlet with removable anti-splash serrated hose end. Hose end has internal check valve to prevent backflow. Hose end is secured with set screw to prevent removal.

Additional Model

BTVR1614WSA Same as above except with rigid/swing gooseneck.

Optional Features

Finish Options:

  • Gray powder coated finish (GRY)
  • Polished chrome plated finish with clear epoxy coating (PCL)
  • Satin chrome plated finish with clear epoxy coating (SCC)
  • Satin nickel plated finish with clear epoxy coating (SNC)

Headwork/Valve Options:

  • Compression valve cartridge with adjustable volume control (use prefix “BTA”)
  • Ceramic disc valve cartridge (use prefix “BTC”)

Handle Option:

  • Forged brass wrist blade handle in place of hooded handle (add suffix “BH”)

Riser/Gooseneck Option:

  • 8″ (203mm) spread riser or gooseneck (add suffix “-8”)

Outlet Options:

  • VRBO055 vandal-resistant aerator in place of serrated hose end (add suffix “-55”)
  • BT118 pipe interrupter fitting to prevent back-siphonage (add suffix “-118”)