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  • L3173-771WSA


Pressure Regulator Fixture, Overhead Mounted

Application: Point-of-use regulation of high purity gases. Used for compressed air and inert high purity gases, including nitrogen, helium, argon and oxygen. Pressure regulator has elastomer diaphragm and O-ring seals.

Mounting: Overhead mounted tall turret base with 3/8″ IPS male stainless steel shank (assembled), locknut and washer.

Shut-off Valve: Plug valve with lever handle on inlet of fixture for on / off control of service.

Regulator: Non-relieving type with brass body and neoprene diaphragm.

Metering Valve: Fine control needle valve for precise flow control. Valve has forged brass body, floating tapered stainless steel needle and replaceable stainless steel seat.

Inlet Pressure Range: 5-300 PSI.

Outlet Pressure Range: 5-125 PSI.

Inlet: 3/8″ NPT male inlet.

Outlet: Removable quick connect fitting with 1/4″ NPT male plug.

Cleaning: Fixture is specially cleaned, lubricated, assembled and packaged for use with high purity gases, including oxygen.

Quality Assurance: Fixture is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.

Additional Models

L3173-771-2SWSA Same as above except with two regulators and valves at 180 degrees.

L3173-771-2AWSA Same as above except with two regulators and valves at 90 degrees.

Options for Pressure Regulator Fixtures

Outlet. 1/4″ OD compression fitting on outlet in place of quick connect (specify L2874 or L3174 valve).