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  • L740FCN-784-QR


Pressure Regulator Fixture, Fume Hood Mounted

Application: Point-of-use regulation of high purity gases for installation on fume hoods. Used for compressed air and inert high purity gases, including nitrogen, helium, argon and oxygen.

Mounting: Pressure regulator, gauge and valve are recess mounted on front face of fume hood. Regulator, gauge and valve are furnished complete with all tube and fittings required to install in hood.

Regulator: Panel mounted non-relieving type with brass body and neoprene diaphragm.

Valve: Panel mounted fine control needle valve for precise flow control. Valve has forged brass body, floating tapered stainless steel needle and replaceable stainless steel seat.

Outlet Fitting: Outlet fitting for installation inside hood has removable quick connect with 1/4″ NPT male plug.

Inlet Pressure Range: 5-300 PSI.

Outlet Pressure Range: 5-125 PSI.

Cleaning: Fixture is specially cleaned, lubricated, assembled and packaged for use with high purity gases, including oxygen.

Quality Assurance: Pressure regulator, gauge, valve and outlet fitting are fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.

Additional Model

L740FCN-784-MR Same as above except with 1/4″ OD compression fitting outlet inside fume hood.

Note: This pressure regulator assembly may be used with any WaterSaver remote control fine control needle valve (ex: L739FCN, L751FCN, etc.) and outlet fitting. Refer to pages 44-49 for information. Insert model number of desired valve and outlet fitting in fixture number shown above.