WaterSaver manufactures a complete line of components for lattice rod assemblies. A wide variety of assemblies for installation on bench tops and in fume hoods may be constructed using these components. Components are available in a choice of materials, as follows:

Aluminum. All components are machined from solid aluminum bar stock and polished to a satin (brushed) finish.

Plastic. Flanges and clamps are molded in black nylon for strength and chemical resistance. Rods are fabricated in white fiberglass.

Stainless Steel. Stainless steel components offer superior strength and corrosion resistance for the most demanding applications. All components are machined from Type 316 stainless steel bar stock and polished to a satin finish.

The rods listed below are representative of the most commonly used sizes. Rods can be fabricated in any length up to 120″.

Aluminum Plastic Stainless Steel
Flange with Set Screw for 1/2″ Plain Rod AAP158 PAP158 SAP158
Flange with Thread for 1/2″ Threaded Rod AAP158A SAP158A
Threaded Rods
Threaded rods are typically used for vertical members and as tie rods to secure a lattice assembly to a wall or panel.
1/2″ dia. x 5″ Threaded Rod AAP125005 SAP125005
1/2″ dia. x 8″ Threaded Rod AAP125008 SAP125008
1/2″ dia. x 10″ Threaded Rod AAP125010 SAP125010
1/2″ dia. x 12″ Threaded Rod AAP125012  SAP125012
1/2″ dia. x 18″ Threaded Rod AAP125018 SAP125018
1/2″ dia. x 24″ Threaded Rod AAP125024 SAP125024
1/2″ dia. x 36″ Threaded Rod AAP125036 SAP125036
Rounded End Rods
Plain end rods are typically used for vertical or horizontal members.
1/2″ dia. x 5″ Rod  AAP145005 PAP145005  SAP145-005
1/2″ dia. x 8″ Rod AAP145008  PAP145008 SAP145-008
1/2″ dia. x 12″ Rod AAP145012 PAP145012  SAP145-012
1/2″ dia. x 24″ Rod  AAP145024  PAP145024  SAP145-024
1/2″ dia. x 36″ Rod  AAP145036 PAP145036 SAP145-036
1/2″ dia. x 48″ Rod  AAP145048 PAP145048  SAP145-048
1/2″ dia. x 60″ Rod  AAP145060 PAP145060  SAP145-060
1/2″ dia. x 72″ Rod  AAP145072  PAP145072  SAP145-072
Closed style clamps have two 1/2″ dia. holes that are perpendicular to each other. They are typically used for securing a lattice rod assembly to a wall or panel. Open style clamps have one 1/2″ dia. hole and an open slot that is perpendicular to it. These clamps are typically used to connect vertical and horizontal rods.
Closed Style Clamp AAP151 PAP151  SAP151
Open Style Clamp AAP153 PAP153  SAP153