WaterSaver Faucet Co. offers a wide selection of valves for use with laboratory gases. The selection of a valve for any particular application depends upon many factors, including the working pressure of the gas, the degree of metering or control desired, and the characteristics (including the corrosiveness) of the gas. This Valve Selection Guide is presented to assist in selecting the most appropriate valve for an application. However, care must be taken in selecting valves, and WaterSaver cannot be responsible for the results obtained from using any particular valve in any particular application. In particular, reference must be made to applicable plumbing and piping codes, life safety standards and project specifications when selecting valves.


Fine Control Needle Valve Standard Needle Valve Laboratory Ball Valve
Models X2870, X3170, X4870, X5170, X62870, etc. X2880, X3180, X4880, X5180, X62880, etc. X4100, X4200, X64200, etc.
Construction Needle Point Needle Point Ball Valve
Control Precise Metering Good Metering On / Off
Body Material Brass or St Steel Brass or St Steel (Note 1) Brass or St Steel
Handle Four Arm Four Arm Lever
Test Pressure / Media 375 PSI / Nit 250 PSI / Nit 125 PSI / Air
Maximum Working Pressure 250 PSI 150 PSI 100 PSI
CSA Certified for Natural Gas No Yes Yes
ADA Compliant No No Yes
Use with Pressure Regulator Yes No Yes (Low Pressure only)
Cleaned for High Purity Gas Standard When Ordered When Ordered


X = L (Standard), CT (ColorTech), BT (ColorTech BT)


Gas Compatibility by Service (Symbol):
Air (AIR) Yes Yes Yes
Ammonia (NH3) Yes (St Steel only) Yes (St Steel only) No
Acetylene (C2H2) Yes (St Steel only; 15 PSI max) Yes (St Steel only; 15 PSI max) No
Argon (AR) Yes Yes Yes
Butane (BUT) Yes Yes Yes
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Yes Yes Yes
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Yes Yes Yes
Compressed Air (CA) Yes Yes Yes
Cylinder Gas (CYL GAS) (Note 2) Yes Yes Yes
Natural Gas (GAS) Yes Yes Yes
Helium (HE) Yes Yes Yes
High Vacuum (HI VAC) Yes Yes Yes
Hydrogen (HYD) Yes Yes (Specially Clean) Yes (Specially Clean)
Low Vacuum (LO VAC) Yes Yes Yes
Methane (CH4) Yes Yes Yes
Nitrogen (NIT) Yes Yes Yes
Oxygen (OXY) Yes Yes (Specially Clean) Yes (Specially Clean)
Propane (PRO) Yes Yes Yes
Special Gas (SG) (Note 2) Yes Yes Yes
Steam (Note 3) No No No
Vacuum (VAC) Yes Yes Yes



  1. Also available in polypropylene for nonmetallic application.
  2. Steam service requires a valve with specialized internal construction only. Refer to a WaterSaver Engineering Catalog for information.