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  • CT750


Panel Mounted Valve, Straight Face Fume Hood

Application: Panel mounted valve for installation on straight face of hood. Valve is installed from front exterior face of hood and is secured from behind panel with locknut and set screws. All working components of valve are accessible from front exterior face of hood.

Valve Body: Brass bar stock.

Handle: Color-coded molded nylon hooded handle with colored index disc.

Inlet / Outlet: 3/8″ OD copper tubes on inlet and outlet. When used for natural gas service, stainless steel tubes are furnished.

Quality Assurance: Valve is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment. Tubes are furnished unassembled.


  • CT750FCN Fine control needle valve construction.
  • CT750N Needle valve construction.
  • CT750S Steam valve construction.
  • CT750W Water valve construction.
  • CT750WTL Tin-lined water valveconstruction for pure water.