To order remote control assemblies, please proceed as follows:

  1. Select the desired remote control valve. Specify:
    • a. Valve construction (by including the suffix “FCN” for fine control needle valve, “N” for needle valve, “S” for steam valve, “W” for water valve or “WTL” for tin-lined water valve).
    • b. Valve service (cold water, gas, air, vacuum, etc.).
    • c. For L739 and L4285 valves, whether valve is for right hand or left hand mounting.
  2. Select the desired outlet fitting. Outlet fittings are furnished with a color-coded epoxy finish as standard. Please specify if a different finish is desired.
  3. From the ordering table, find the desired valve and outlet fitting. Read across and down to find the correct assembly number.
  4. For assemblies using rod-type valves, specify:
    • “L” dimension, measured from the top of the index disc to the centerline of the valve. If the “L” dimension is not specified, a standard dimension of 20″ will be furnished.
    • “Y” dimension, measured from the centerline of the valve to the back of the flange or body on the outlet fitting. If the “Y” dimension is not specified, a standard dimension of 2-3/4″ will be furnished.
    • Type of guide plate desired, as follows:
      • PA Black nylon flat guide plate with screws for straight panel
      • PB Black nylon threaded guide plate with locknut for straight panel
      • PC Black nylon 45 degree angle guide plate
      • PD Black nylon press-in guide bushing for straight panel