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  • SSBF994
  • SSBF994-Bowl


All-Stainless Steel Barrier-Free Safety Station with WideArea™ Eye/Face Wash

Application: All-stainless steel barrier-free combination WideArea™ eye/face wash and shower safety station. Shower head and pull rod are extended for improved access. Bowl is lowered and extended to permit access by wheelchair user. Profile of unit is “flattened” to comply with maximum height and knee clearance requirements. Stainless steel construction is ideal for highly corrosive environments and clean room applications.

ADA Compliance: Unit complies with ADA requirements for accessibility by handicapped persons (maximum height and reach, minimum knee clearance and distance from obstructions).

Shower Head: 10″ diameter stainless steel.

Shower Valve: 1″ IPS Type 316 stainless steel stay-open ball valve. Valve has stainless steel ball and Teflon® seals. Furnished with stainless steel actuating arm and 47-1/2″ stainless steel pull rod.

Spray Head Assembly: Four GS-Plus spray heads. Each head has a “flip top” dust cover, internal flow control and filter to remove impurities from the water flow.

Eye/face Wash Bowl: 11-1/2″ stainless steel.

Eye/face Wash Valve: 1/2″ IPS Type 316 stainless steel stay-open ball valve. Valve has stainless steel ball and Teflon® seals.

Pipe and Fittings: Schedule 40 brushed stainless steel.

Supply: 1-1/4″ NPT female top or side inlet.

Waste: 1-1/4″ NPT female outlet.

Sign: Furnished with ANSI-compliant identification sign.

Quality Assurance: Valve and spray head assemblies are factory assembled and water tested prior to shipment.

Available Options

  • BC Stainless steel cover for eye/face wash bowl.
  • FC20 Regulates shower flow rate to 20 GPM.
  • HS Auxiliary drench hose unit for rinsing eyes, face or body.
  • APBF250-015 Modesty Curtain Modesty curtain for mounting on Barrier-Free safety station.
  • AP275-200 Electric Light and Alarm Horn Flashing light and alarm horn for mounting on safety station.
  • TMV AP3800 thermostatic mixing valve precisely blends hot and cold water to deliver warm (tepid) water as required by ANSI Z358.1-2014.